Vhoto 4.1.3

Does taking a picture really last longer?

Have you ever made a video only to regret not taking a photo instead? With Vhoto for iOS, you can do just that: grab an image from a video to capture the moment in still life. View full description


  • Good choice of images extracted
  • Easy to use
  • Save photos directly to camera roll
  • Some editing tools available


  • Social media function not very useful
  • Images only as good as the video quality

Very good

Have you ever made a video only to regret not taking a photo instead? With Vhoto for iOS, you can do just that: grab an image from a video to capture the moment in still life.

Scanning for the best image

Vhoto is much more than just an image extractor: it's a social network, a video camera, and a photo editor all in one. The most interesting function of the app, however, is the video to image extractor

When you first open Vhoto, you can chose to use the app as a 'guest', or sign up using your email address or Facebook profile. Once you're in, you'll be able to access the photos and videos from your camera roll. Choose the video that you want to extract an image from, and click Find Photo.

Vhoto analyzes the video for the best frames, and after a few minutes (depending on the length of the video), you'll get a gallery of frames to chose from. The recommended images that came up from our short 15 second video during testing were pretty good in terms of choice and quality, but the longer the video, the more options you'll have.

Once you've chosen your favorite image, you can edit the photo using basic editing effects including filters and adjustments. Once you're done with the photo, you can save it to your iPhone, or share it via social media, although you'll have to register (for free) to share it directly.

Aside from extracting images from a video, you can also upload and edit photos and post them to Vhoto's social network, which is based, like many, on followers and hashtags.

A few unnecessary extras

The editing and extracting function of Vhoto are really easy to use, with a logical step-by-step function to help you choose, edit and upload photos. The downside is that the quality of the photo is only as good as the quality of the video which, on an older iPhone model, isn't stellar.

The social network aspect in Vhoto, however, is a bit less logical and seems a bit forced within the context of the app's main function. Navigation is slightly awkward, and some menu options seem redundant, but the interface is nice and modern

You can also take photos and record videos within the app, although it seems slightly counter-intuitive to film a video in an app that converts them to photos, when you could just take a photo in the first place. Still, it's a nice added feature.  

Converter for the win

Vhoto's main function, converting video to images, is a great tool that gets pretty impressive results, but some of its secondary, social media functions seem a bit out of place. Still, the app lets you save images without forcing you to post or share them to any social network, and that makes it a great tool for converting videos to images. 

Vhoto – Photos from Video! Instantly find the best photos hidden inside your new or existing videos. Vhoto requires iPhone 4s or later. Why choose between photos and video? With Vhoto, you get both! Vhoto makes it easy and fun to get pics of parties, pets, kids, selfies and sports. Never miss a moment! GET STARTED with Vhoto: 1. RECORD video or import from your camera 2. CHOOSE your favorite pictures 3. SAVE or share your photos Vhoto is easy to use and always free. MORE ABOUT VHOTO + FIND PHOTOS IN YOUR VIDEOS Get photos AND videos of every moment. Use the Vhoto camera to record video, or import your existing videos. Vhoto's Chooser looks at hundreds of still photos hidden inside your videos and finds you the best pics. + VHOTO - THE SMARTER CAMERA Vhoto is the Smarter Camera – it learns what you like as you use it. Tap the screen while recording video to tell Vhoto to focus on that part of the shot. Turn the camera and Vhoto knows you’re interested in a new set of images. The more you use Vhoto, the better photos you’ll find! PLUS Vhoto's new computer vision technology gets you great photos indoors and outdoors, in all lighting conditions. + EDIT PHOTOS Vhoto offers a unique set of filters and editing options so you can get your perfect pics "just right". + SAVE, SHARE and SEND Save your photos to your camera roll. Share photos to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Send photos to your friends and family via email or text. + INTRODUCING - VHOTO SOCIAL Vhoto's new social network lets you find and follow hashtag topics featuring photos shared by other Vhoto users. Make your own hashtags, or follow the ones that interest you. Use Vhoto’s local channel to find out what's trending near you. See the most popular photos and posters for every hashtag. Vhoto works on most versions of iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s fast, easy and free. Vhoto needs the advanced features available only on the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s and on iPod touch (5th generation). Vhoto will not run on iPhone 4 or earlier models. Have questions or feedback? Drop us a line at feedback@vho.to